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What is a Homophone?

Words that sound alike but with different meanings and spellings.

For example: "aye", "eye" and "I".
This website is intended to be a handy compilation of an alphabetized* list of homophones and some examples of such as used in sentences. This site will be useful to schools and offices as a reference of homophone usage when the spoken word must be converted to written communication.

The spelling of "rose" (past tense of "rise") and "rose" (the flower) appear in the same place in the dictionary. Their diacritical marks are the same as the homophones that appear elsewhere in that reference, such as "rows" and "roes". The goal of is to simply to make communicators aware that the same sounding words are ambiguous. The users of the site can obtain the meanings of the words by clicking on the word to determine which one they should use in print. This site is designed to show only HOMOPHONES (or HETEROGRAPHS) i.e., two (or more) words with the same sound and different spellings.

More about Homophones
Pronunciation: 'hä-m&-"fOn, 'hO-

Function: noun
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary
Date: 1843
1 : one of two or more words pronounced alike but different in meaning or derivation or spelling (as the words to, too, and two)
2 : a character or group of characters pronounced the same as another character or group (courtesy

Why do Homophones exist at all?
The English language is a "Melting Pot" of words derived from many other languages, businesses, trades, sciences, and industry jargon.

New technologies, social changes and regional dialects also contribute to new homophone sets. This dilemma spawned the idea of identifying and using homophones in some sentences and the birth of this website.

The same words are often pronounced differently in various sections of the country. In all fairness, many words commonly used in day to day language have one or more homophones that may never be used in a lifetime of speech.


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